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TF Magazine:

TFM 0: Waggs The Mad Scientist - Man to dog antrho & dog to woman anthro
TFM 1: Dog Collar - Woman to dog (Not Online)
TFM 1.5: Demnessa Change - Woman to gargoyle
TFM 2: Side Effects - woman to dog (Not Online)
TFM 3: Pinrae's Prestidigitation - woman to tiger (Not Online?)
TFM 3.5: Crysta Change - woman to tiger (Not Online?)
TFM 4: Greekel: Her - Woman to dragon
TFM 5: Pony Girl (Not Online)
TFM 5.5: Painted Skunk - Man to busty toony skunk (Not Online?)
TFM 6: The Bull Demon - Man to minotaur (Not Online)
TFM 7: Predator/Prey - Man to Doe & Man to anthro lion (doe not online - plus not online center spread of doe plus lion)
TFM 8: Dragon X - Man to dragon
TFM 9: Untold Tales of the Princess Rat - Jasmine lookalike to rat
TFM 10: Gavinwolf - Man to wolf
TFM 11: Dragonwish - young man to dragon - (all online, except new ending just for the comic)
TFM 12: Teen Guil Monster (Online)
TFM 13: TG Partywolf (Not Online)

Subject To Change:
STC 1: The Pup (online,

Iron Wolf:
IW 1: The Bank - IW fights police on national television, shocking the world - is it real?
IW 2: Investigations - Reporters investigate facts behind IW, bad guys stirring to fight IW
IW 3: Delicate Secrets Revealed - The police begin to zero in on IW's location.
IW 4: Dealing With The Devil - Big fight, plus history on Sox, the supersonic fox
IW 5: The Third Rule - Endgame, Iron Wolf vs. the big bad guys

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